Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, I cannot currently ship to the UK. (Lettermail is okay!) I am working on setting up an Etsy for UK buyers to rectify this in the future. Please feel free to DM me on instagram or email at to make arrangements.

Please be aware that due to the current Pandemic, some packages may take some time to get to you. There are some countries that may not show any rates for shipping due to Covid. Please be aware that I cannot hold orders if this occurs and I will offer you a refund.

I do not offer refunds on lost packages through domestic letter mail. I also do not offer refunds on tracked packages. Please keep in mind that I have limited stock and I am not a large business. However, I will always work something out with you if your order does not arrive so please do reach out!

What is fox & koi?

We're focused on sharing our passion for design and good social change with all of you through our unique pin designs and efforts. The shop is maintained by Sara and Kat Holmes, and we'll be here, working away until it stops being the absolute joy that pinmaking is! Keep up with us on our instagram and patreon.

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